Microdermabrasion + Micro-Needling + LED

Microdermabrasion $100
Gently polish your skin and stimulate new cell growth with the infusion of antioxidant nutrients after your exfoliation.

Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro-needling) $199
A safe and pain free micro-needling treatment combined with a powerful infusion of treatment serums initiating the skins natural wound healing processes. An outcome focussed treatment targeting scarring, stretch marks, fine lines + wrinkles, pigmentation + hydration.

Each treatment includes a thorough skin consultation, home care recommendations, a light microdermabrasion treatment (if suitable), micro needling and post treatment LED light therapy.

Purchase a course of 6 for $999
*Available at Singleton only

LED Light Therapy 

LED is a non-invasive therapy that uses wavelengths to promote cellular activity assisting with collagen production, reducing redness and inflammation and improving skin texture and appearance. Excellent results can be obtained when combined with skin peels, microdermabrasion + skin needling.

LED Express Facial $85
An amazing pick me up facial including customised LED targeting your specific skin concerns including Ageing, Pigmentation, Inflammation + Redness.
*Available at Singleton only