Microdermabrasion $100
Gently polish your skin and stimulate new cell growth with the infusion of antioxidant nutrients after your exfoliation.

Epidermal Levelling $100

Epidermal Levelling + Oxygenating Mask $140

Epidermal Levelling + Peptide Mask $140

Skin Needling $179
Micro Needling + Peptide Mask + Post Treatment product application

Dermafrac $199
A safe and pain free micro-needling treatment combined with a powerful infusion of treatment serums initiating the skins natural wound healing processes. An outcome focussed treatment targeting scarring, stretch marks, fine lines + wrinkles, pigmentation + hydration.

Treatment includes a thorough skin consultation, home care recommendations, a light microdermabrasion treatment (if suitable), micro needling and post treatment LED light therapy.

Skin Needling + Enzyme Therapy $299