Cosmelan treatments are specifically designed to address excess melanin in the skin and target a range of pigmentation concerns including melasma, hormone driven pigmentation, sun damage and ageing.

Cosmelan provides intensive corrective action on skin hyperpigmentation while regulating the overproduction of melanin in melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the reappearance of new spots. Its effectiveness is based on its double action of eliminating hyperpigmentation while controlling the over-production of melanin to reduce the appearance of new pigmentation.

Cosmelan in-clinic depigmentation treatment $1500

Treatment consists of an in-clinic session and a home maintenance treatment plan.

In-clinic treatment consists of a thorough consultation followed by the application of the Cosmelan 1 mask which is left on the skin for 8 to 12 hours, depending on the phototype and the sensitivity of the skin to be treated. The mask is then removed at home.
After 48 hours, the follow-up phase begins with an in-clinic LED treatment followed by continued maintenance products at home as directed by your therapist. At week 4 and week 8 of treatment you will return to the clinic for in-clinic facials.  

Treatment includes:

  • In-clinic consultation and treatment application
  • At-home treatment products required for post treatment
  • Post treatment clinical make-up (Lycogel)
  • 1x in salon LED treatment + Hyaluronic facial mask
  • 2x Energy C follow up facials

Why choose Cosmelan? 

Cosmelan is a quick and effective treatment using effective formulations to act on different parts of the melanogenesis stages within the skin resulting in a more evened skin tone. Cosmelan can be used at any season throughout the year (with strict SPF application) and is suitable for all skin types and all skin phototypes.