Why choose professional beauty products? 

There are so many beauty products on the market promising great things that it can be hard to navigate. Price doesn’t always indicate results nor does a great marketing scheme. Education is key! So what’s the difference? Why choose professional ‘cosmeceutical’ products?

A ‘Cosmetic’ skin product is often highly synthetic with very minimal levels of active ingredients. These products have very minimal effect and are safe to be sold in mass over the counter to consumers without recommendation. They often contain high levels of silica, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens + SLS all of which are detrimental to skin health. A cosmetic has no physiological effect on skin cells and so offer little ability to correct your skin concerns.

A ‘Cosmeceutical’ is an emerging category of skin care products and refers to products that have been shown to produce changes in the skins structure or function. They are most frequently recommended by a skin care professional and go through rigorous clinical testing to show long-term change can be achieved at a cellular level. The level of ‘active’ ingredients can also be clearly seen sitting high up in the ingredients listing!

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