Information on how to participate in the DMK Spring Carnival Racing Sweepstakes (Sweepstakes or Promotion) form part of the Terms & Conditions. By taking part in this Sweepstakes, all persons participating agree to be bound by these DMK Spring Carnival Racing Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions.
Sweepstakes Rules
The DMK Spring Carnival Racing Sweepstakes is open to all individuals (i) aged 18 and above at the start of the promotional period (ii) are clients of Aria Skin and Body (iii) that live in NSW, and, (iv) are not employees or immediate family members of employees of Aria Skin and Body. By participating in the Sweepstakes, you represent and warrant that you have met the eligibility criteria set out under these Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions and that you consent to the use by Aria Skin and Body of your personal information for administration purposes to determine, operate the promotion and allocate prizing. By participating in the Sweepstakes you also agree for your personal information to be used for feedback, promotional and marketing purposes.

The Sponsor of this Sweepstakes is Aria Skin and Body.
DMK Spring Carnival Sweepstakes PERMIT No LTPS-17-18744

The promotional period runs from 13 October 2017 to 30 November 2017, both dates inclusive (the Promotional Period).

To enter the Promotion, Entrants must purchase $150 of DMK products to be eligible for a ticket into a Sweepstakes draw. Each $150 spend is equal to one chance to enter a draw. A maximum of three entries per draw. Entrants must complete a sweepstakes ticket with their name, contact number and address details, and keep hold of the Sweepstakes ticket stub that includes a record of the “barrier number” and draw number you are entered into. Entrants must present their ticket stubs when collecting winning prizes.

Only entries that are correct as deemed by Aria Skin and Body and it’s authorised employees and officers will be deemed as eligible. Participants shall participate in the Sweepstakes on his or her own account, and shall not submit forms or participate on behalf of other persons. Entrants must only register in their own name. Maximum of three entries per draw are allowed.

The draw.
Aria Skin and Body will be running multiple draws during the promotional period.
Draw 1: Entry of tickets between 13 Oct to 27 Oct. Winners draw date: 28th October 2017.
Draw 2: Entry of tickets between 28 Oct to 10 Nov. Winners draw date: 11th November 2017.
Draw 3: Entry of tickets between 11 Nov to 24 Nov. Winners draw date: 25th November 2017.
Draw 4: Entry of tickets between 25 Nov to 30 Nov. Winners draw date: 1 December 2017.

Winners will be selected on a random and unbiased basis from the pool of entrants of each draw. Aria Skin and Body will draw the winners in a fair and transparent manner with each participant having an equal chance of winning each draw of the promotion.
Winners will be notified by email or telephone within 7 working days from the Draw Date based on the submitted contact details. Winner shall ensure that their contact details are correct at all times.

The prizes are:
There is a $100 voucher to be won for First Place in each draw.
There is a $50 voucher to be won for Second Place in each draw.
There is a $25 voucher to be won for Third Place in each draw.
And each voucher is valid until 6 months post the draw date.

Prizes won are not transferrable, and cannot be taken as cash.

Proof. Aria Skin and Body may require entrants to promptly provide identification including (without limitation) proof of identity and residency in order to confirm the entrant’s identity, age, residential address, eligibility to enter, participate and claim a Prize. In the event that the entrant fails to produce such proof that entrant will be ineligible for the Promotion.

Winners are responsible for collecting in person any prizes won. Winner will be notified by Aria Skin and Body and/or its representatives to arrange prize collection.