Product Spotlight Time! What’s all the hype around Vitamin A in skincare? Let’s take a look at DMK’s Revitosin.

One of our most frequently prescribed correctives, Revitosin is DMK’s formulation of retinoids, commonly known as Vitamin A’s. Let’s take a clinical look at how Vitamin A can help in revising skin dysfunctions.

Retinoids are a family of chemical compound that once entered the skin on a transdermal level can rejuvenate the skin by regulating cell division. It does this by promoting the growth of healthy cells and inhibiting the growth of unhealthy ones. We liken it to exfoliating from the inside out.

The powerful, regenerative properties of retinol (vitamin A) are known to promote collagen activity, kill P-acne bacteria, inhibit tyrosinase (an enzyme that catalyses the oxidation of tyrosine into melanin and other pigments), and regulate the flow of oil. Therefore, it should be a part of any acne, pigmentation, and age management home care prescription.

Retinol is so effective because we have specific receptors looking for Vitamin A on the outside of our skin cell along the membrane. Once attached, this receptor allows the Vitamin A to penetrate inside the cell and instigate change. This process works like a lock and key to allow Vitamin A inside.

Revitosin is a specific formulation of ingredients from the Retinoid family, using a combination of retinol variants to give powerful results. A high percentage of retinol does not necessarily make it more effective and over-use of Vitamin A can actually result in damage within the skin (inflammation and irritation, the receptor becomes overloaded and can shut down). It has been proven that a blend of Vitamin A’s have a higher efficacy in treating the skin thus, Revitosin’s blend of active ingredients; retinyl palmitate, beta carotene and retinol.

As we can see, Revitosin is an essential ingredient for bringing the skin back into homeostasis (balance) and is one of our much loved DMK correctives for healthy and happy skin.

-Kayla and the Aria team xx