Product Spotlight – Actrol Powder

(and how it can help in your fight with ‘maskne’)

DMK’s Actrol Powder is a unique formulation that reduces excess oil for acne prone skins. It works to promote healing in reactive skins by reducing inflammation and irritation. We prescribe this product frequently for skins with a high oil flow to mattify shine and as an anti-bacterial protective seal over impaired skin and post treatment.
Actrol powder is suitable for sensitive, oily and acne prone skins, wounds, rashes, sores, andĀ inflamed skin conditions. Corn starch creates the powder’s base with active ingredients:
Golden Seal – a herb with potent healing properties
Thymus Vulgaris – an antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which works to restore proper pH in the skin
Chloroxylenol – contains antibacterial and antifungal agents and is used as to kill gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
We are seeing a lot of what has been termed “maskne” in the salon over the past couple of months. This describes the breakouts, congestion and painful inflammation that has arisen with frequent use of facemasks. Actrol powder dusted over the skin can provide a protective seal to the epidermis under a facemask and assists in the healing of existing “maskne” symptoms.
If you are suffering from breakouts or skin irritations book a skin consult to see if Actrol powder could help you in your skincare routine.
Love always, Kayla and the Aria team xx