DMK’s Beta Gel – Product spotlight time!

This is our absolute favourite DMK product (mind you its hard to pick one) and is also our most purchased product in the salon! Let me tell you some reasons why…

This treatment serum is designed to work on reactive, irritated or inflamed skins however it actually treats a whole lot more including acne, stressed skins, premature ageing and scarring. Why is it so effective? So many skins these days are showing signs of stress thanks to external environmental and also internal factors. Beta Gel has a hero ingredient that we can’t get enough of called Beta-glucan.

Beta-Glucan has some pretty incredible immune stimulation abilities within the skin. It does this by stimulating the skins Langerhans cells. These little cells (well actually large cells) have huge long branching extensions called dendrites (think octopus arms) which reach out, ingest and process foreign bacteria in the skin, control the division of epidermal cells and as a bonus the Langerhans cells also stimulate the fibroblast cell which is responsible for the production of collagen and elastin – the mattress like structure within the skin which gives it its bounce and plumpness! When the skin experiences trauma the Langerhans cells release an army of micro-organic cells called Macrophage that go and surround and destroy these foreign invaders! How awesome is the human body!

There are a tonne of other amazing ingredients in this hero product including witch hazel, peptides, turmeric extract, stabilised vitamin c, safflower oil, and vitamin E.

Is Beta Gel a part of your skin routine? Ask us how you could incorporate this into your current skincare .

– Lorinda + the Aria team x