COVID-19 Aria Skin + Body


This policy is developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (2020)and outlines the return to services policies implemented to allow safe trading during the pandemic.

SafeWork Reference: salons-and-day-spas/hygiene?tab=tab-toc-employer

NSW Government:

Additional Information: The following steps are required to be followed during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safety of staff | clients | and the community.

Salon Signage – Handwashing guidelines at each wash station. Signage at front counter for hand sanitising. Signage at front door for conditions of entry.  Guidelines re social distancing in common areas.

Reception Area – Magazines / cups / water / iPads removed. Seating arranged in line with social distancing. Limited people in reception and signage displaced and staff aware.

Treatment Rooms : Limited to one staff and one client no additional people

Staff: Staff must not attend work should they or someone they have been in contact with show symptoms of COVID-19 even if mild. Staff to stay home if sick and to call the COVID hotline should they need to attend for testing.

National Coronavirus Hotline: 1800 020 080

Lunch Breaks: To be taken with social distancing in practice and ideally in a room not being used that day or offsite

Worker and Visitor Hygiene – Handwashing
▪ before and after eating
▪ after coughing or sneezing
▪ after going to the toilet, and
▪ when changing tasks and after touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

Client Hygiene:
▪ washing their hands or using alcohol-based hand sanitiser upon arrival
▪ advising they minimise the number of times they touch their phone and other personal items as they could unintentionally transfer germs to the workplace, and
▪ only touching retail items they are interested in purchasing.
▪ prohibit clients from walking around the premises barefoot, e.g. after a pedicure

Standard Procedures during COVID-19

Aria Skin and Body Policies and Procedures


The following are to take place when booking appointments.

  • Clients full name and contact details to be confirmed with the client to ensure they are correct and can be contacted easily.
  • Adequate cleaning time is to be allowed for between clients to ensure full disinfection can take place.
  • Client text reminders to include the following “We kindly ask that if you are experiencing symptoms linked to COVID-19 such as fever, cough or shortness of breath or are in any way unwell, or have been in close contact with someone who is confirmed as having COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms linked to COVID-19 you call to reschedule your appointment. “


  • Social distancing to be implemented when not directly treating a client
  • Hands to be washed following hand washing guidelines before and after each client, before and

    after eating, after being in common areas, after removing PPE, after being exposed to potentially

    contaminated surfaces, and throughout the day

  • Gloves to be worn as appropriate
  • beds to be changed (if linen) and sprayed and wiped with disinfectant after every client. If using towels they need to be stripped. Alternatives include putting vinyl down as it can be wiped between clients or using the disposable bed cover roll.
  • Work station to be disinfected between clients
  • Request clients pay via eft not cash. Wipe down EFT between uses.
  • reception, front desk and front door to be disinfected multiple times a day.
  • No reusable cups for clients disposable only.
  • All equipment to be disinfected between clients including machinery handles etc
  • Back basin product containers to be disinfected after use
  • clients must be verbally asked the COVID-19 questions (as provided) and must be refused treatment if they are unwell or have been exposed
  • Disposables used as per council guidelines for treatments and disposed of in covered bin. Bins emptied daily.
  • Treatment equipment scrubbed with hot soap and water, soaked in enzyme cleanser (3M rapid

    cleanser) and sprayed with disinfectant (clinidet) in line with manufacturers instructions.

  • If stock is running low to be able to do the above please let management know asap to ensure stock is available as required.
  • As at 3 August 2020 masks now to be worn by staff and clients encouraged to wear staff when not directly treating the facial area.

Last Updated 3 August 2020